Grb BiH


The cost of accommodation depends on place of accommodation (camp or hotel). Participants will be advised separately as each course has different requirement depending on specific arrangements (sponsored, subsidized or own responsibility). PSOTC is providing accommodation for the students at the camp Butmir with single study bedrooms and common lavatory and showers. All necessary bedding is provided but toiletries and towels are not provided. The cost is 9 (nine) euros per day/per students.

Booking accommodation outside of the camp Butmir is possible. For convenience, PSOTC advises booking accommodation at Hoteli Ilidža, Hrasnička cesta 14, Sarajevo 71000. The hotel is about 6 km from the camp Butmir. PSOTC will organize daily transportation from/to camp Butmir.

Transportation from other locations will not be provided by PSOTC.

Accommodation at the Camp Butmir is calculated 9 Euros per night. The cost of the hotels outside of the Camp is on commercial basis.