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The United Nations Police Officers Course (UNPOC) started at PSOTC

04 MAR 2024

The UNPOC, a two-week course, started today, March 04, 2024, at PSOTC.

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The United Nations Police Officers Course is going to be conducted from March 04, 2024, to March 15, 2024, with the participation of 23 police officers from different countries and police agencies, 18 from Bosnia and Herzegovina and 5 from abroad (Lithuania, Kiribati, Pakistan, Poland, Serbia). The aim of the course is to turn capable police officers into competent peacekeepers who can fulfill police aspects of UN peace operations mandates in accordance with DPO/DOS principles and guidelines and their underlying international legal standards. Also, to perform their police functions in an effective, professional, and integrated manner, and to demonstrate the core values and competencies of the United Nations.