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"UN Police Officers Course" Recertified with Success

02 APR 2024

On March 28, 2024, the representative of the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations (UN DPO), facilitated by the military adviser at the Permanent Mission of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the United Nations (UN), presented the certificate for the PSOTC's "UN Police Officers Course." This certification underscores the Center's commitment to delivering training and education at a commendable standard, aligning closely with the rigorous requirements set forth by the UN.

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Since 2012, the "UN Police Officers Course" has been a steadfast offering at PSOTC in collaboration with the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The recertification process, comprising six key steps, saw the culmination of its fourth stage with the visit from a representative of the Integrated Training Service (ITS) of the UN DPO during the course's implementation. The objective of this visit was to assess various facets including participant welfare, instructional resources, instructor quality, and teaching methodologies. Following a thorough evaluation, the UN DPO ITS representative expressed contentment with the course's execution and conditions, leading to the extension of the certificate for the "UN Police Officers Course," marking the final step in the recertification process. PSOTC extends its gratitude to the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the dedicated members of police agencies from Bosnia and Herzegovina and partner nations. Their unwavering support, expertise, and experience have been instrumental in ensuring the success of the "UN Police Officers Course."