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Depending on the course topics, course participants are expected to have proper knowledge prior to
coming to attend the PSOTC events. In that regard, PSOTC instructs all planned attendees to
conduct some online courses available on different platforms. As it is for its own needs, PSOTC
currently uses several different platforms.

Note that PSOTC is not the owner of these courses. They are located on the third party websites and
all regulations and procedures applied can be found on their websites. In some cases, registration is
not required in order to enroll the course.

UN System Staff College (UNSSC)

The list of all courses on the UN System Staff College platform is available here.

UN Department of Safety and Security

The list of all courses on the UN Department of Safety and Security platform is available here.

NATO e-Learning

Please, refer to the Course catalogue in order to understand how this platform works. Instructions for log-in are on page 6 throughout page 8.

The list of all courses on the NATO e-Learning platform is available either in the Course catalogue or on the ADL Numbered Course List.