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Duration: 4 WEEKS
Iterations 21 MAR 2022 - 14 APR 2022,
13 MAR 2023 - 06 APR 2023
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ePrime Reference Number: ACT.642
ETOC Course Code: ETE-ET-21318
ETF Course Code: PSOTC.OFC.2

Course Description

ISOSC has been designed to serve as an essential preparation for individuals who will be posted in multinational HQ. Further training is required to prepare them for specific staff positions.

Course Aim

The aim of the course is to develop essential staff skills of junior officers in accordance with NATO standards, as basic preparation for their engagement in international and national headquarters (HQs).

Learning objectives

  • Comprehend NATO challenges in conducting current operations;
  • Conform with working in a multinational working environment;
  • Comprehend the system of democratic control over the armed forces;
  • Use a personal computer (PC) as a tool in staff work;
  • Apply basic NATO military symbols for land operations, maps, and land navigation;
  • Use NATO voice procedures in radio communications in the English language;
  • Use NATO reports and returns in multinational operations;
  • Perform common staff tasks at a tactical level.

Course Participants

  • Up to 40 national and international participants;
  • Military officers from 2nd Lieutenant to Captain (OF-1 to OF-2) from NATO, PfP, MD, ICI, including all services, and is designed for officers deployed at battalion HQ and above in national posts or multinational environment.;
  • Participants should be nationally trained in military decision-making process or have working experience as staff officers in a national HQ;
  • Participants should have following standards of proficiency in English (as described in STANAG 6001): 2, 2, 2, 2; Computer skills: Basic computer handling (MS Word and PPT) is highly desirable.


The Course is delivered by national and international instructors and subject matter experts, both military and civilian.

Application Deadline

30 days before the start of activity.




  • None





A pre-course recommendation for this Course is that student finishes ADL 169 – “Improving Operational Effectiveness by Integrating Gender Perspective (JKO New Version)” on NATO Partnership for Peace Consortium Advanced Distributed Learning Website. The student is expected to present the printed ADL Course Certificate to the Course Admin at PSOTC during the in-processing phase.


REMARK: PSOTC is not the owner of the prerequisite material. It is located on the third parties websites and all regulations and procedures applied can be found on their websites. In order to get the access to the referred course it is mandatory to create an account on the JADL portal. Please, refer to the Course catalogue (page 6 – 8).