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Duration: 3 WEEKS
Iterations 01 NOV 2021 - 19 NOV 2021,
28 AUG 2023 - 15 SEP 2023
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ePrime Reference Number: PSOTC.7
ETOC Course Code: MCP-LA-21877
ETF Course Code: PSOTC.OFC.4

Course Description

The UN Staff Officers Course has been designed to generally prepare the participants for duties in a peace operation so that they can: contribute efficiently to implementing military aspects of UN peacekeeping mandates in accordance with DPO/DOS principles and guidelines; perform their military functions in an effective, professional and integrated manner; and demonstrate the core values and competencies of the United Nations.

Course Aim

The aim of the course is to prepare military staff officers to work effectively at Force and Sector HQ levels in UN peacekeeping missions.

Learning objectives

  • Comprehend strategic fundamentals and principles of UN peacekeeping;
  • Understand the organization and functioning of UN peacekeeping mission;
  • Understand the UN peace keeping missions fundemental principles of peace operations;
  • Comprehend the legal and policy framework governing mandates of UN peace operations;
  • Understand the role of UN staff officers and field headquarters in the UN Integrated Mission Assessment and Planning Process;
  • Examine the process and practices of intelligence acquisition and processing in a complex UN peace operation environment;
  • Applying the military planning process (MPP);
  • Explain the UN logistics system and its operations in support of field missions;
  • Comprehending crisis response in the UN HQ and DPO-led field missions;
  • Understand how UN peacekeeping missions can implement their mandates effectively;
  • Comprehend the UN rules, core values and standards on respect for diversity, conduct and discipline, prevention of sexual exploation and abuse, protection of environment and national resources, protection of health, and all aspects of safety and security

Course Participants

  • Up to 30 national and international participants;
  • Military officers from Captain to Lieutenant Colonel (OF-2 to OF-4) including all services and selected to be deployed as military staff officers in UN peace operations;
  • Participants should be nationally trained in military decision making process or have working experience as staff officers in an operational environment;
  • Participants should have following standards of proficiency in English (as described in STANAG 6001): 2, 2, 2, 2;
  • Computer skills: Basic computer handling (MS Word and PPT) is highly desirable;
  • Other prerequisites: national Basic Military Staff Course required.


The Course is delivered by national and international subject matter experts, who bring in conceptual knowledge and practical experiences from contemporary UN PKO.

Application Deadline

20 days before the start of activity.





Read out "United Nations Peacekeeping Operations Principles and Guidelines" also known as Capstone or the Capstone Doctrine.




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