Grb BiH


As the final step of the Building Integrity for Senior Non-Commissioned Officers Course, the closing ceremony happened today on 16th September 2022 at PSOTC. 16 SEP 2022
The Building Integrity for Senior NCO Course started today 12th September and it is going to last until 16th September 2022 at PSOTC 12 SEP 2022
PSOTC MTT Contributes to the NATO Building Integrity-led course at the Defence Institution Building School (DIBS), Tbilisi, Georgia, from 06th to 09th September 2022. 08 SEP 2022
Refreshment training of the Light Infantry Battalion Group (INF-L-BNG) of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a part of the preparation for NEL 2 evaluation and consenquently entering the NATO Pool of Forces. 02 SEP 2022
Delegation of Centre for Integrity in the Defence Sector visited PSOTC on 25th August 2022. 25 AUG 2022
After ten days, the course, which consisted of two parts, come to the end with closing ceremony held on 15th July 2022. 14 JUL 2022
PSOTC is hosting “Operation Capability Concept Evaluation & Feedback Database Programme Training Course” (OCC E&F DTC) at the PSOTC’s premises from 06 July to 15 July 2022. 08 JUL 2022
After five days of lecturing, the Building Integrity in PSO Course was concluded by the Closing Ceremony held in PSOTC on 1st July 2022. 01 JUL 2022
Building Integrity in PSO Course as a NATO Approved Course started in PSOTC today, 27th June 2022 27 JUN 2022
Today, 21th June 2022 the delegation of the Federal Academy for Security Policy from Germany visited PSOTC. The Delegation was led by the President of the Academy, Ambassador Ekkehard Erich Joachim Brose and the Course Director Col (GS) Norbert Eitelhuber. 21 JUN 2022