Grb BiH


Today, 14th June 2022, the National Defence University of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Delegation visited PSOTC. 14 JUN 2022
Today, 10th June 2022, after five days of lecturing, the Utility of Gender in PSO Course has come to the end. 10 JUN 2022
08 JUN 2022
Maryland National Guard Delegation led by the Director of Joint Staff, BG Adam Flasch accompanied by his associates visited PSOTC on 8th June 2022. 08 JUN 2022
Today, 6th June 2022, the Utility of Gender in PSO Course as the NATO Accredited course started at PSOTC. 06 JUN 2022
Today, 3rd June 2022, PSOTC concluded the UN Military Observers Course as one of the UN-Certified courses. 03 JUN 2022
Today, 30th May 2022, the representative of NATO SHAPE Chu-Hong CHOI, Commander, OF-4, ROK-N, from the OCC Section, SHAPE PD, visited PSOTC. 30 MAY 2022
Today 18 MAY 2022, high officials of the MoD and AF BiH, NATO HQ SA and partner countries gathered at Peace Support Operations Training Center (PSOTC) for the the Ceremony of the NATO Accreditation for Quality Assurance in Training and Education. PSOTC has been institutionally re-accredited, which confirms that PSOTC as an institution carries out its education and training tasks for the needs of peace support operations in accordance with NATO quality standards in this area. 18 MAY 2022
UNMO (UN accredited Course) will be held from 16 May to 03 June 2022 at PSOTC. 16 MAY 2022
Today, 10th May 2022, members of the Military Diplomatic Association accredited in BiH (diplomats from Austria, Canada, China, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Turkye, and USA) led by the Association’s Dean, Military Attaché of Romania, Col Robertino Cristian Chiobanu visited PSOTC. 10 MAY 2022