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Essential Staff Non-Commissioned Officers Skills Course comes to the end

27 FEB 2023

On Friday 24th February 2023, after two weeks of lecturing, the Essential Staff NCO Skills Course (ESNCOSC) has come to the end.

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Essential Staff Non-Commissioned Officers Skills Course was conducted from 13th to 24th February 2023. All together 23students from 7 different countries; 14 from the Armed Force of Bosnia and Herzegovina and 9 from abroad (1 from Armenia, 4 from Germany, 1 from Greece, 1 from North Macedonia, 1 from Tunisia and 1 from Qatar) completed  the course and received certificates at the closing ceremony held at the PSOTC. The aim of this course was to provide NCOs with the essential skills required to support staff duties at the tactical level in national and international headquarters (HQs) in accordance with NATO standards. Besides PSOTC staff, ESNCOSC was delivered with the great support of guest instructors from Armed Forces of Federal Republic of Germany, Armed Forces of Hungary, Armed Forces of Republic of Slovenia, and other units from Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.