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International Women’s Day Celebration at PSOTC

08 MAR 2023

PSOTC continues its tradition of celebrating the 8th March, International Women’s Day, celebrating importance of women in everyday life

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Following tradition in Bosnia and Herzegovina, PSOTC organized small reception on the occasion of International Woman’s Day presenting a small token of gratitude to the PSOTC’s female members. Our Centre is recognizing the importance of women in everyday life, either as a part of the family as a mother and a sister, or as a part of any organization as coworkers. One of the crucial things in today’s world is equal opportunity, and PSOTC is recognizing women’s contribution where, together with men, they contribute to PSOTC’s mission and success.

Fun facts:

  • The idea of celebrating International Woman's Day for the first time appeared at the beginning of the 20th century in an era of rapid industrialization and economic expansion that often led to protests over poor working conditions.
  • The first International Women's Day was held on March 19, 1911, with over 1 million people participating from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Denmark.
  • The United Nations began to celebrate International Woman's Day in 1975, which was declared as the International Year of Women. Since then, this holiday has been celebrated all over the world.
  • International Women's Day is a worldwide event and an official holiday in dozens of countries.  
  • In some countries, such as Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, and Uzbekistan, the two festivals are merged in the same way that Mother's Day doubles as a form of women's appreciation day. On this day, youngsters give tiny presents and symbols of love and respect to their mothers and grandmothers.