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The International Staff Officer Skills Course (ISOSC) has ended at PSOTC.

06 APR 2023

For the last four weeks, from March 13 to April 6, 2023, PSOTC conducted the International Staff Officer Skills Course (ISOSC) at the Peace Support Operations Training Centre (PSOTC).

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Altogether, 22 students from 10 different countries attended the course and received their certificates at the graduation ceremony held at PSOTC on April 6, 2023. Besides PSOTC staff, students had the privilege to receive a lecture from NATO HQ Sa Commander BG Pamela McGaha. Furthermore, they had an opportunity to exchange experiences with OSCE National Program Officer in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Samir Bašić. PSOTC is more than happy to continue cooperation with our partner centers. In addition to that, ISOSC was more fruitful having two guest instructors: LTC Pierre Dominique Hool from SWISSINT Switzerland, and CPT Ilias Boutis from MPSOTC, Greece.

The International Staff Officer Skills Course (ISOSC) is a NATO-approved, four-week course. During the course, the participants developed their essential staff skills in accordance with NATO standards, and as a result, they were prepared for their engagement in international and national headquarters in peace support operations.