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The Media Management in Peace Support Operations Course started at PSOTC at Camp Butmir

24 APR 2023

The Peace Support Operations Training Center (PSOTC) in cooperation with the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Sarajevo will, in the period from 24-28 April 2023, conduct a course "Media Management in Peace Support Operations".

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This course is certified by both the NATO alliance and the University of Sarajevo. It aims to provide basic knowledge and exchange experiences between the participants so that they fully understand the opportunities and challenges that the presence of the media in OPM can provide.

Also, the participants will gain the knowledge and skills necessary for the best use of Public Affairs within the operational process, ensuring the unity of efforts in achieving mission goals.

The course will be attended by a total of 37 participants from 13 different countries (Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Jordan, Malta, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine), including students from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo and Balkan Medical Task Force. 

This course is one of a seven NATO-certified and four UN-certified courses conducted at the Peace Support Operations Training Centre. In addition to lecturers from Faculty of political Sciences as co-organizers, the course will also involve lecturers from other institutions / organizations as part of various cooperation programs that PSOTC has: Multinational Training Center for Peace Support Operations from Greece, NATO Headquarters Sarajevo, EUFOR Command, the Office for Defense Cooperation of the US Embassy Sarajevo, ​​the Federal News Agency, the Media Information Center of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina and members of the PSOTC