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The Peace Support Operations Training Centre (PSOTC) is offering resident and non-resident courses divided in three different areas – officer’s courses, NCO courses, and wider security section courses. Resident courses are held at the PSOTC premises located at the Camp Butmir in Sarajevo. Non-residents courses are offered to partner nations in accordance with their needs for specific topics. Non-resident courses are regulated by the PSOTC Mobile Training Team, and depending on topics can be conducted in cooperation with partner institution/s.


PSOTC, as an internationally recognized centre, is offering courses accredited/certified by NATO, UN, EU as well as University certified per Bologna Process. In accordance with expressed needs of different entities, the courses are offered to all three components: military, police and civilians.


The list of PSOTC courses are available through different means:

  • First of all, the courses are listed in the PSOTC catalogue with all explanation regarding specific course. The course catalogue is available on the PSOTC web site or as a printed version of it.
  • All NATO accredited courses are listed on ePrime and ETOC, NATO platforms for all education events with NATO accreditation.
  • Invitation letters for every course offered by PSOTC are being sent to partner nations through POC in their respective institutions and/or diplomatic mission.

The number of seats as well as candidate criteria for every course are defined in advance (see the course catalogue). Depending on status of course participations, the status of course candidates can be defined as sponsored, subsidized or first come/first served basis. For those who are sponsored or subsidized the number of course participants is predefined and guaranteed. The rest of seats are available on first come/first served basis and it is not limited to one person from specific country/organization only.

NATO accredited courses are offered through NATO online platforms (ePrime and ETOC).  Applying to those courses is available directly through national/organization POC. It is available only to those who are predefined by NATO as a NATO member or NATO partner.

In basics, PSOTC is sending an invitation letter 90 days prior the course start. Invitation letter is stating basic information regarding the course. As an annex, administrative instructions are defining all necessary info (accommodation, meals, services, requirements, etc.) The type of invitation letter depends on if the invitees are defined as sponsored, subsidized or first come/first served basis.

The main tool to apply for resident courses is the online registration form available on the PSOTC website. There are two ways to approach to the registration process. First one is to go directly to the online registration form and to fill out all necessary fields inside the form. The second one is to go to the list of residential course available on the PSOTC website and by choosing the right course and pressing the “apply” button the application form will be opened with some fields already filled out.
Pre-course requirements are depending on the course and they will be defined in advance. Depending on the requirement, the course candidates will be contacted accordingly.